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Graham Laurie is a 41 year old successful internet marketer from London. Graham first made his launch to fame when he developed a winning horse racing system called Cash Master in February 2003.

More recently Graham has launched his own blog at Cash-Master.com which tests all types of different betting systems and he thrives on giving honest and quality reviews on all of them. The Cash Master Blog attracts the attention of over 2000 unique hits every single day, and is one of the biggest review blogs on the internet today. Graham has a great reputation in his field he gives genuine good services a positive review whilst he has no fears about exposing bad services to his members.

Graham's blog can be seen at http://www.cash-master.com/blog

Graham Laurie's Review - 10th March 2009

It's time to draw an end to the trial of LS Trader. The nature of this type of trading means that its a slow burner with profits being made monthly rather than daily and I've been blogging this for three months now. I can confirm that everything they've claimed since I started does match what I've experienced so I have no reason to doubt any claims they have made for previous years.

The site is professional and easy to navigate. The trades are easy to identify and place and it does indeed only take 15 minutes a week to manage, in which time you are placing new trades and moving stops on existing trades.

Last week was another good week with subscribers in all trades now being up by over 30% for 2009. Some of the trades are in considerable profit like FTSE 100 with 425 pips and Eurodollar 652 pips in profit. Subscribers that are in the Wall Street trade are in profit by 1644 pips and German Dax 705 pips.

I have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone serious about making long term tax free profits. Their recommended starting bank is £3000 and they explain a little trick to allow you to get around the minimum bet in IGIndex so you can really bet as little as you like although I would suggest that in order to make it profitable after paying the subscripition you really want to be staking a minimum of £200 per trade. If you have £10,000+ to invest in this then I'd say you will definitely do a lot better than sticking it in a savings account in the current climate. Of course it must be remembered that past performance is no guarantee of future performance but I'm confident that these guys will make my money work an awful lot better than my pension fund manager!

Written by Graham Laurie, Owner of GrahamLaurie.com and www.Cash-Master.com

www.GrahamLaurie.com and www.Cash-Master.com

Graham Laurie's Update - 3rd June 2009

The last few months have been pretty tough for LS Trader with lots of trades going into the red or closing out at a loss. However, we have been assured all along that this is normal for this type of trading and that it's important to stick with it as it always turns around soon enough. Well, it took longer than expected but turn around it did and they are now up 31% on the year overall.

All trades are currently in profit and below I have pasted the latest newsletter from LS Trader:

The past 2 weeks have been excellent for the LS Trader system and several markets have continued their recent trends and many other markets have broken out of the long consolidation phase that we wrote about last month. In just the past 2 weeks alone the LS Trader model account has gained 39%.

At the time of writing, we have 23 trades open and all 23 are in profit so we are currently being rewarded for our patience through the unusually long consolidation phase with some nice profitable trends. If things continue along similar lines to the past couple of weeks then we should be setting new equity highs in the not too distant future.

Just as a refresher, we are going over the main points regarding periods of consolidation and trending here because it is important to understand this:

1) The recent consolidation phase which has been going on in many markets since November appears to be coming to an end.

2) Our research shows that when markets consolidate they tend to do so for approximately 8 to 13 weeks. Anything much over 13 weeks is considered a fairly brutal consolidation and leads to false breakouts from the consolidation range.

3) Our research also indicates that the longer a market trends then the longer the consolidation that is required before the markets return to trending again.

4) Conversely, (and this is where it should be good for us over the coming months) the longer a consolidation phase goes on for, the larger the resultant trends will be.

5) The consolidation that we have just been through has been just over twice the length of time as is normal.

6) When the markets consolidate what you are essentially seeing is a fight between bulls and bears. The majority of the market participants sits on the sidelines and does not want to get involved in the fight but instead waits to see which side is the victor. Once the battle is won and a decisive breakout occurs then the rest of them market participants who have been watching the move jump on board.

7) The resultant move leads to a trend and as this trend continues, more and more of the latent market participants join the move, which perpetuates the trend. The trend then continues until everyone who wants to be involved is in the market and once this happens the trend comes to an end.

8) It can often take 6 months or more for everyone to get involved and that is roughly how long a good trend can last. The average duration of a winning trade with the LS trader system last year was 80 trading days (or 4 months). Some were more than this and some were less, but 80 days is the approximate average.

9) We are currently in the early phases of numerous potential trends and several more markets are not that far from also breaking out from their current ranges. If these trends continue then we should be in for some nice profitable trades over the next few months.

Written by Graham Laurie, Owner of GrahamLaurie.com and www.Cash-Master.com

www.GrahamLaurie.com and www.Cash-Master.com

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