Frazer Fearnhead

Date: 30th December 2008

Dear Phil

As the editor of two investment orientated websites, I have looked at and tested many different trading systems (and spent thousands doing so). Whilst I have come across several good ones in my time, none has come close to producing the gains that following your system has produced. Not only has your system proven to be successful during the period I have tested it (in 2008) but the records you have kept for the last 10 years give me the confidence that it will produce fantastic returns in any year (though 2008 does seem to have been spectacularly good) and it is therefore something I will be continuing with.

Three great advantages of the system for me are that :

It takes just 15 minutes a week to place / exit the recommended trades - as I have found in the past its all very well making an extra £500-1000 a week from trading but its very difficult for people to do if they have to be constantly monitoring the charts. So the time and effort in relation to the reward from your system is truly marvellous.

Secondly, there are no additional expenses such as charting software subscriptions which are often necessary and can eat into your profits considerably especially if you are operating on a small bank.

Thirdly, and most importantly for me, is that whilst many systems work in theory there are often many variables and decisions to be made by the trader. Cool headed disciplined trading is the hardest thing to achieve and many traders fail to achieve success through the human factor rather than the system itself. Given that all one has to do with your system is enter and exit trades once a week on your instruction, one can ignore the markets the rest of the week which massively diminishes the chances of personal discretion and rash decision making - hugely important for any trader's real success.

So all in all, I am very happy to recommend your system to my subscribers and would like to say a big thank you for providing me with a great way to increase my wealth.

All the best
Frazer Fearnhead
www.the-investor-portal.com and www.InvestorNetworkonline.com

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