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I looked at LS Trader a few times, but frankly so many systems out there promise the earth but when it comes to actually using it there is either a discretionary element previously never mentioned, or the entry and exit prices cannot be achieved by oneself - the user gets told too late to get the same prices.

However, LS Trader is just not like that. As Phil states this works on weekly signals and all the information is provided at the weekend for you to set up your trades and adjust stops on the current positions for the coming week. Once the orders are in place then you sit and leave it alone.

The system sticks to its basic premise which is to let trends run and take small losses; knowing that over time with a diversified portfolio of instruments traded it will catch onto a major trends that develop, and that is where the profits are generated.

As with all new systems I was vey cautious when I began with a small bank in Oct 2014, but even missing out of some of the bigger gains for the year I made a reasonable profit, and much more importantly it gave me the confidence that it will achieve its stated target, which is to maximise the returns from long term market trends.

In summary the product is easy to follow, and can most certainly be used by those who have a full time job. Customer support from Phil is amazing, and he has never tired of my endless questions. I believe it will be a solid addition to my portfolio of strategies and will work for years to come. But, please note this is not a get rich quick scheme. One should really view it a yearly, if not multi year addition to long term wealth creation, as we just never know when the next big moves in markets will come. Ian
Independent FX & Futures Trader



Your system is the best I have come across. George H



I am very impressed with your service to date, keep up the good work. Jason



Thanks Rob. I've been impressed at your fast response rate even at this time in the evening. You must think I am a real thicko asking all these questions but I am glad I did because I am understanding the system more and more. I guess I like to understand what I am investing in if that makes sense. Thank you once again for your prompt responses. The wifey is delighted with the profits so keep them coming. Lucas Watson



Dear guys.
The rollover thingy was confusing because in the morning my account balance was £9,219.44 and then when I came back it was £9,712.02.Its great that the system banked that profit on that trade. I looked at that trade now and if we had kept it we would have lost like £1,000 so far. In all im pretty happy with the system though. In the last 6 months I have made nearly £5000 profit from my original bank which was £5,000.Thanks for your help by the way. Tony



Hi Rob
I was slightly confused with the trade in Gold but I understand it no-win delighted overall with your system. I started with £5,000 and my account is sitting on £22,423 after 7 months. Keep up the good work. Let me know when the new site goes live. Michael Allington



Hey Rob
I cant believe the system this week. I have made 150% profit this week alone. My £20,000 is now sitting on £56,412 and I still cant believe your system. I was going to withdraw my original £20,000 stake but from what Ive seen the system is flawless and the gains have been crazy. Keep up the good work. Joe



Hi Rob.
Just wanted to say that I cant wait for ls trader website to go live. I have put the trades on each week with the existing software and I have only installed it on my home computer as I am not allowed to install it at work. I love that the software will be online on the new website which means I can do my trades on monday morning at work. I am enjoying your system and I am already 15,000 GBP up! Jase Hopkins



Hi Phil
Hope this helps you out. I started your system in August 2008 with a bank of £10,000. At this point of writing my balance in my account is £3,571.22 and my balance in existing trades is £16,542.71 which brings a total profit of £20,113.93 so I have doubled my money already. I have been delighted with your fast email response and explanations and I would recommend the system to anyone who is thinking of signing up. Brad


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