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In recent years spread betting has become increasingly popular and this has increased demand for spread betting systems. Spread bettors are always on the lookout for the most effective way to beat the markets and as with any field of human endeavour, a plan is required. When it comes to trading the world’s financial markets, the best form of trading plan evolves in to a complete approach that includes rules for all eventualities.

The best spread betting systems will have a complete set of rules that include which markets to trade, when to enter, when to exit, how frequently to trade and perhaps most importantly, how much to risk.

Risk control and money management are absolutely essential parts of trading success and any spread betting system must include specific rules that control position sizing as well as overall portfolio risk. By respecting risk the trader removes the risk of ruin from his trading approach. If he has a system with a positive expectancy, removing the risk of ruin ensures that he is able to continue to trade for the long-term, and doing so ensures that he has time to extract the positive edge that his system gives him.

Another important aspect of successful trading is portfolio selection. It is important to have diversification and exposure to different asset classes. Keep that asset selection too narrow and the chances of success may be limited, as within reason the more markets that a trader has in his portfolio; the more chance he has of catching a good trending market.

The other end of that spectrum is if the trader selects too many markets for his portfolio, overall risk may become too high and the trader may lose focus by trying to trade too many markets. As with all things, a good balance and moderation are the wisest choices. The most effective spread betting systems will therefore need to include rules for much more than most traders actually think about. Often portfolio selection and risk control are the most neglected aspects.

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