The LS Trader Trading Philosophy

The LS Trader Trading Philosophy

Man drawing arrow on boardThe LS Trader system is a spread betting system that is based on our proprietary professional trading concepts that have stood the test of time. These are the same strategies that are used by the world's most successful hedge fund and money managers to achieve outstanding performance and consistently high returns.

Previously, these strategies have only been available to investors with large amounts of capital and the ability to pay exorbitant management and performance fees. Now we are making them available to all, even those with modest starting capital, for a simple subscription fee.

These key strategies include:

  • Identifying and following trends so that we can profit from the strongest trending markets.

  • Letting winning trades run so that we can capture the maximum profits possible from the big winning trades.

  • Cutting losing trades short so that we exit quickly with only small losses when we are wrong (and yes, even the best traders and trading systems have losses, the key is to keep those losses small and move on to better trading opportunities)

  • Managing risk. Money management is a key concept to succeeding with spread betting and the LS Trader System includes very sound risk and money management rules.

The Financial Spread Betting System Background

Phil Seaton, who has an extensive background in trading and financial spread betting, has designed the system. Phil's background is that he is a private investor who has spent years studying the markets. In addition to this he has been actively trading stocks and commodities, both via financial spread betting and futures trading for many years.

Subscribers to LS Trader benefit from these years of trading experience and receive all the support and information required to assist with successful financial spread betting.

Grab The Keys To Huge Profits!

In 2008 the system had a record year that generated profits of 1504.1%* in a single year. This happened during the time of a rapidly falling economy, which shows that the system can make money in up or down markets. This performance beats the previous best of 1158.80%* set in 1987.

*These results were achieved in back testing and are therefore hypothetical since not all trades were taken. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Future results may be higher or lower than past results.


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