LS Trader System Performance

LS Trader System Performance

  • The system has been online and available to subscribers since 2007

  • In 2008, the system had its best year to date making a massive 1504.1% profit, which was proofed by independent testers and several review websites as well as our subscribers. The performance during 2008 was exceptional due to the huge trends that were ongoing in many markets throughout the year. The results in 2008 are not typical and are well above the system average. However, similar performance was seen in 1987 in back testing so it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the system will generate quadruple-digit returns again in the future should market conditions be favourable.

  • The system has produced a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 124.82%* including the back tested results to the end of 2006, and the results from 2007 to the end of 2019 as per the trades sheet sent out to members for that period.

  • These figures are based on actual market prices and do not include the transaction costs (spread) for each trade or slippage. Actual results would, therefore, be lower due to spread costs and slippage. Since the system is a trend following system and is not a high-frequency trading system, profits are not eroded much by spread costs and slippage is considerably less of a factor than it would be on high-frequency trading systems.

  • Including the back tested results from 1983 to 2019 the system has had 32 winning years and only 5 losing years, which is an 86.49% annual win rate.*

LS Trader Results

1983 54.90%
1985 428.40%
1987 1158.80%
1989 152.40%
1991 109.10%
1993 311.30%
1995 177.70%
1997 186.50%
1999 54.40%
2001 204.20%
2003 305.60%
2005 32.80%
2007 116.70%
2009 (43.04)%
2011 (46.00)%
2013 (3.86)%
2015 (4.06)%
2017 (34.41)%
2019 1.8%
1984 298.10%
1986 225.30%
1988 98.80%
1990 509.10%
1992 238.30%
1994 16.00%
1996 2.90%
1998 491.30%
2000 222.70%
2002 70.00%
2004 90.90%
2006 155.50%
2008 1504.10%
2010 30.86%
2012 49.09%
2014 193.40%
2016 60.71%
2018 84.71%
2020 77.76%**

** As at 24 May 2020.

* Results are the outcome of backtesting and are hypothetical since not all trades were taken. Future results may be higher or lower than past results.

Important Notes About The LS Trader System Performance:

All results prior to 2007 have been generated by running our system rules over real market data as reported by the relevant exchanges for each market. This has not been curve fitted but is none the less backtesting and all and any results shown prior to 2007 are backtested results and must therefore be viewed as hypothetical. Results from 2007 onwards are results in accordance with the weekly trades sheet that has been sent out to members each and published in the member's area. Since these trades may not necessarily have been taken exactly in accordance with the trades sheet, they should still be viewed as hypothetical. These results are an exact replica of the weekly trades sheet with the following exceptions:

  • Different prices will be obtained depending on the actual time that each trade is opened. Additionally the spreadbetting platform used and the market spreads quoted by that company will also affect performance, as will slippage.

  • All prices are exactly as per official market prices as quoted by the relevant exchange. When contracts are rolled over, the official closing price of the contract being rolled out of is used to close the prior trade and the official closing price of the new contract is used as the opening price for the contract that is rolled into. Actual results may vary depending on the platform used and the exact time of rollover.

  • The above assumes a risk per trade of 2% of current account equity, which is calculated on a weekly basis and assumes that all trades were taken.

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