Frequently Asked Questions - LS Trader

How much money can I make?

Does spread betting count as gambling?

What costs will I have to pay?

Do I need to quit my job and do this full-time?

How much money is an appropriate starting amount?

Can I still follow the system if I am not based in the UK?

Does the system make trades on a daily basis?

What if I don't understand something?

Can I cancel?

I am trying to open a trade, but the menu looks different that the one shown in your guide?

I cannot see the deal ticket option when I try and open a trade, it is faded out?

How can I see what time each market opens at?

Can your system be followed on any spread betting platform, or does it have to be IG Index?

It sounds like you trade on a global basis; does that mean I have to be up all hours that the markets in various countries are open?

What's the difference between Order and OTO?

How do I register with an on-line broker?

I want to promote your website. How do I become an affiliate?

How do I locate specific markets?

When placing the stops do you use guaranteed or non guaranteed?

What is the difference between guaranteed and non guaranteed stops?

When inputting the account balance into the trade bet calculator should that just be the cash balance currently in the account or should it also take account of open P&L on live trades?

What is the average time/duration that you stay in one trade?

Does your system rely on any luck at all?

How do I get in touch with you?

What do you mean by Out, Short and Long?

I am a novice when it comes to spread betting. Is there an easy guide to follow?

Could you please explain how your system works.

What is a rollover?

What percentage of your trading account do you risk per trade?

I have dealt on the stock market but have no experience of spread betting, how is it all explained ( account opening, placing bets etc etc) and how long do you think it will take to get up and running in a proficient manner?

What is the system's performance?

How far back do your results go?

What is the system?

Will I be able to do this?

What do I need in order to trade the system?

Can I use any spread betting firm to place my trades?

Which markets does the system trade?

Does it really only take one hour per week to follow?

How does the 14-day trial trial work?

You say your system is based on trend following. Why trend following?

If your system is so good why are you selling it?

How do I contact you if I need any help?

How much does membership cost and how are payments to you made?

Ok, I'm convinced. How do I get started?

I've been a member before. How do I re-join?

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