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How to Use the ‘200 Day Moving Average’

The 200 day moving average is a commonly used tool amongst traders and spread bettors. Since we refer to this quite often in our updates we thought we would expand on its uses so that you can also use it in your own spread betting. Firstly, there are two main different types of moving averages, […]

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How is Currency Forex Trading Different from Other Markets?

Currency forex trading is very different from other markets and was mostly traded by financial institutions until technology provided an outlet for the general public to participate in this market. Most markets are traded on a major stock exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange, but currency forex trading does not have a regulated exchange.

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Understanding Forex Quotes in Forex Currency Trading

Forex currency trading deals with the currency markets otherwise called forex. Forex stands for foreign exchange or also called FX. This type of trading involves buying one currency whilst selling another.

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