What Makes Our System Unique?

Man standing above competitorsThe LS Trader system was developed by Phil Seaton in 2007. His goal was to create a trading system that was unique, easy-to-use, and most importantly profitable! Since 2007 the system has proven to be extremely effective for the hundreds of happy clients who have used it (see performance results here). Here's why...

Based on Proven Trading Principles

Quite simply the LS Trader system is based on very sound trading principles that have stood the test of time. It draws on the trading philosophies and trading rules that the world's most successful traders use and all of these principles and trading rules have been vigorously tested against real market data so that we know exactly what works and what we can expect performance wise in the future.

Extensive Data Testing

In creating the LS Trader system we have literally tested everything that you can think of, including every indicator and approach to beating the markets across all timeframes. From there we have fine-tuned the things that work and have rejected the things that do not work. In addition, we have used very rigorous testing procedures to ensure that the system is robust and not curve fitted to past data.

NO Curve Fitting!

Curve fitting is when a system has been created in hindsight and the entry and exits "fitted" to past market data. It is easy to show good results by looking at a chart and saying that we bought here and sold here, but that is of no use in actual trading as curve fitted systems have little if any predictive power. Curve fitting is the plague of technical trading systems and systems that have been curve fitted will not be of any use when applied to real live trading.

We believe that this is the best financial spread betting system available for a number of reasons. As we mentioned above, it has been created on a foundation of very sound trading principles that have stood the test of time, has been vigorously researched and tested and actual trading results have been in line with the back tested results. Phil continues to do this research though to ensure that he is not missing anything and to confirm that the system still works and that the markets have not changed in such a way that would negatively impact performance.

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