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Phil Seaton, the developer of the LS Trader System originally began trading back in the late 90s. At that point he had yet to discover the secrets to trading success and was apt to try virtually anything out on the markets. This became an expensive experience that was quickly self-correcting! One of the advantages of using a service such as ours and following a proven system is that we have already made all of the expensive mistakes so that you don't have to!

At this stage Phil decided to read up on the markets and study the world's most successful traders. In doing this he found that there was a minefield of information available on the markets and much of it contradicted what others had said or written. At this point he decided to start with a clean slate and test each approach to trading the markets including all the many different technical indicators to see what actually worked and what did not.

This was an enlightening exercise, because from here it was clear to see that most information available on the markets is not only incorrect and not statistically valid, but for the most part is extremely damaging to profitable trading and in many cases the exact opposite of what actually works and is profitable in the markets!

He then worked on this approach over the next few years, testing every idea, indicator or concept that he could come up with or that others had used previously, and ended up with a few core principles, a trading philosophy and a complete set of trading rules which were very robust and very profitable over the long term.

The best part of doing extensive and vigorous trading research is that you can actually test ideas, systems and theories out against real market data and see how each system and indicator would have fared in the real world had it been traded with real money.

Once he had completed his research and finalised his system he then began trading these rules and this trading system on his own account and the results were highly impressive. It was not long before family and friends were asking him what he was doing to produce such amazing returns and asking if they could get in on the action. That was when he decided to offer this service to others so that they could benefit from his system and experience and literally copy his exact trades. This system was made available to the public in early 2007 and has been helping others reach their trading goals since

Phil still does system research to this day partly because he is a perfectionist and also because he loves doing system research and testing new ideas and theories. At a certain point, once you have a good trading system and a good set of trading rules, it is easy to go beyond the point of diminishing returns in systems testing. Phil however continues to do this research to ensure that he has not missed anything and to confirm that the system remains robust and still remains as profitable as it was previously and that the markets have not changed in such a way that would negatively impact performance.

As legendary speculator Jesse Livermore once said "Wall Street never changes, the pockets change, and the stocks change, but Wall Street never changes, because human nature never changes."

Put another way, the reason that the markets are the same as they always have been is because they are always changing and in that way remain the same. The results of Phil's decades of research proves Livermore's statement to be true, meaning that once you have a robust and profitable system that has worked in the past, it is likely to continue to work in the future.

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