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LS Trader is a complete financial spread betting system that covers everything you need to profitably spread bet online. It uses a proprietary algorithm to identify and catch profitable trends in 41 financial markets including stock indexes, commodities and forex. Simply by becoming a member and putting aside one hour of your time per week you will quickly learn how to trade like a seasoned pro, even if you have no prior spread betting experience.

The LS Trader approach, while advanced, is a step-by-step, simple to use methodology that can be followed easily, even by novice spread bettors. We include extensive training guides in the members' area with step-by-step instructions so that regardless of your level of spread betting experience, from novice to old hand, you will quickly get up to speed and will be up and running in no time.

The LS Trader service was launched in 2007 and our many satisfied members have experienced compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of up to 150.11%* simply by using the information we provide. In 2008 LS Trader had its best year to date, making a massive 1504.1%* profit, which was proofed by independent testers and several review websites.

What Makes Our Approach So Effective?

LS Trader is a trend following process that makes profits by capturing medium to long-term trends in the markets it trades. Because trend following is medium to long-term strategy it is easy to follow and only takes around one hour per week. It has been vigorously researched and tested over real market data that goes all the way back to 1982, and has proven to be consistently profitable.

Our methods trade a diversified portfolio of markets including stock indexes, commodities, interest rate futures and forex and it generates trading signals for all 41 markets, giving you everything you need to profitably spread bet these markets.

We Will Show You...


Which markets to trade

Door opening

When to enter trades

Door closing

When to exit trades


How to calculate optimum position size

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Risk and Money Management

Key Strategies Used by the World's Most Successful Traders & Money Managers

The LS Trader methodology is based on proprietary professional trading concepts that have stood the test of time. These are the same strategies that are used by the world's most successful hedge fund and money managers to achieve outstanding performance and consistently high returns. By incorporating these powerful, time-proven strategies into your own trading you can quickly begin profiting like a seasoned pro!

Previously, these strategies have only been available to investors with large amounts of capital and the ability to pay exorbitant management and performance fees to hedge fund and money managers. Now we are making them available to all, even those with modest starting capital, all for a simple subscription fee.

These key strategies will help you:

  • Identify and follow trends so that you can profit from the strongest trending markets

  • Let winning trades run so that you can capture the maximum profits possible from the big market moves.

  • Cut losing trades short so that only small losses are taken (and yes, even the best traders and trading systems have losses, the key is to keep those losses small and move on to better trading opportunities)

  • Manage risk and use correct position sizing. Money management is a key concept to succeeding with spread betting and the LS Trader methodology includes very sound risk and money management rules, including position sizing based on account size.

Benefits of Membership

When you begin your 14 day trial you will gain the following benefits:

  • Instant access to our exclusive members area
  • A full list of all open positions, plus entry and exit levels for all 41 markets covered
  • Access to our position sizing software
  • Regular updates and trade alerts, sent by email and posted in the members area
  • Extensive manual covering all aspects of successful spread betting
  • Unlimited support
  • 14 day trial

Start Your 14 Day Trial Today!

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Live Trading Update

Live Trading Update

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Here's a fraction of what you'll receive...

  • An average of 5 trading signals per week.
  • A full list of all open positions, plus entry and exit levels for all 41 markets the system trades
  • Access to our position sizing software
  • Regular updates and alerts, sent by email and posted in the members area
  • Instant access to our exclusive members area
  • Extensive manual covering all aspects of successful spread betting
  • Unlimited support
  • 14 day trial for just £7. Cancel anytime
  • Plus much, much more...
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Reviews & Testimonials

Frazer Fearnhead

Whilst I have come across several good ones in my time, none has come close to producing the gains that following your system has produced and it is therefore something I will be continuing with. - Read More

Frazer Fearnhead,
Owner of The Investor Portal

Graham Laurie

The site is professional and easy to navigate. The trades are easy to identify and place and it does indeed only take 15 minutes a week to manage, in which time you are placing new trades and moving stops on existing trades. - Read More

Graham Laurie,
Owner of Cash Master Blog

Paul Whelan

I've found your system has proven to be an excellent addition to my betting portfolio. - Read More

Paul Whelan,
Owner of Sky Blue Kangaroo